Leonberger by Patty
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  Quebeleo Leonberg's Auva
Father: Quint.V. Lw. v. Osning
Mother: VonLinderhof Apia Isabella
Country: Belgium
Birth: 28.11.2002
E-mail: wbab8134@wanadoo.be
Sex: F
Note: Our Canadian Newcomer (granddaughter of Teddy, nice of Brenko) arrived at Brussels airport Feb. 14, 2003 - and keeps all of the family very busy o:)
Breeder: Nathalie Dame, Quebec - Canada

Auva arriving at Brussels airport (with Edith Steffen, owner of Teddy - Attila v. Roten Schopf)

1st day in the new home

1st trip with the family to the beach (Netherlands)

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