Leonberger by Patty
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  Knockando's Est-Est-Est by Heart "Felicia"
Father: Le' Laras Gillian
Mother: Such Knockando's Year
Owner: Anu Löhmus
Country: Sweden
Birth: 14.02.1998
E-mail: anu.lohmus@hem.utfors.se
Sex: F
Note: Such Knockando's Year of Bologna. Felicia is the most wonderful Leonberger. She is very kind with all people and animals, enormously charming young and playful leonberger-girl. She is not good as watchdog, wich I prefer, since I live in a flat. Felicia is strong-willed and prefers to make her own decisions as far as possible, still, she is easy to handle whereever I go. She loves water, of course (it is never to cool for a nice swim!), forests and rain, but can easily sleep in 5 hours on a train if needed.
Breeder: Ruth Lintonsson, Kennels Knockando's, Härryda, Sweden
E-mail: ankujanku@hotmail.com

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