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Name: Namupalan Tähti-Tyttö (Wendy)
Birth: 16.10.2002

Sex: Female
P: Kinglords Mr De Sevres
Titoli: Leonberger of the year 2001, Ch. Int., Nord., Fin., S., N., NL., ch. Mondiale 2002, V 2001-2002, NL winner 2002, S. winner 2002
Breeder: KINGLORD'S (Finlandia)
M: Namupalan Pehmo Nalle
Titoli: Lonberger of the year 2001-2002 Ch. Int., Fin., Est., N.
Breeder: Namupalan (Finlandia)
Country: Italy
Owner: Lucia Soppelsa (Allevamento delle Aivane)
Note: Wendy with Benny. Just look now at Benny

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