Ursus Uit't Berggat
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Ursus 2 months
Ursus 3 year with son Usi Maya Ye Aramis James 3 months



Name: Ursus Uit't Berggat
Birth: 13-03-1996
P: -
M: -
Owner: Marjanne Cuyvers & Laurent Stevens
E-mail: berggat.leo@planetinternet.be
Country: Belgium
Sex: Male
Breeder: Marjanne Cuyvers

Homepage: http://home.planetinternet.be/~berggat2
We kept Ursus from our first litter and never regretted it: he is such a lovely 'bear' !

Ursus 13.03.98
Ursus 3 1/2 years old