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Name: Kahulalions Braveheart (Bogie)
Birth: November 15th 1996
Sex: Male
Father: Ch. YgorSam V.D Villenburg
Mother: Ch. Rachel Dunajska Luzna
Country: Canada
Owner: Lori Dzingala
Breeder: Anke Byard of Kahulalions kennel, Canada

September 2001: Bogie head shot
Bogie in pond is Bogie as a 2 yr old The bogie Hannah Scott picture is Bogie on the right with Hannah on the left (my female) and Scott my son in the middle
July 2002: The Bogie and Lily picture is of Bogie laying beside my 4 month foal in the field while she is sleeping. The Kahulalion Braveheart picture is bogie winning best of breed June 2001 he was number 2 leo in Canada for 2000