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Name: Skjærgaardens Cool Windsor "Ben"
Birth: 30 March 2001
Sex: Male
Father: Remrød's Mr. Winterbottom
Mother: Norwegian champion Skjærgaardens New Hope
Country: Norway
Owner: Amy Kippernes
Breeder: Tone Mosby/Skjærgaardens Kennel in Kristiansand Norway
Bottom photos: Ben is only five months old in these photos. He is a promising puppy with a fantastic personality.

Left photos: These photos are taken 24 February 2002. Ben is 76cm tall and 56 kilos at 11 months old. He has a very very sweet personality still and is someday hoping to meet the beautiful female leos around Europe and Scandinavia! Keep your eyes on this one girls! Ben is Dixie's uncle.

September 2002 September 2002
2004: three years old 2004: three years old